Est. 1954

As World War II soldiers returned home from Italy telling tales of their favorite food, the popularity of pizza in the U.S. grew. Sam Perrella, a former miner who owned a small café in Keewatin, picked up on this growing trend. Having connections in Chicago, Sam visited with some pizza makers and returned home with an idea that sparked and gave birth to what is now Sammy’s Pizza.

In October 1954, armed with enthusiasm and their own secret recipes, Sam and wife, Louise, opened the doors of the first Sammy's Pizza restaurant in Hibbing, MN.

As their business flourished, they helped their family and a close friend open their own pizza restaurants. Today, some 69 years, 15 locations and more than 25 million pizzas later, Sammy's is now in it's fourth generation of pizza makers, who all still use Sam’s original recipes.

At Sammy’s, we’ve always believed in a simple ideology: Be an innovator, not a follower. Take the proper time to prepare something right. Strive for a home-cooked, quality product, a fair price, and personal service. Go through the extra effort and expense to be the best. And, only serve a meal that you would be proud to serve guests in your own home. That's what our "family tradition" means.

In 2015, PMQ Pizza Magazine, the pizza industry’s No. 1 publication, inducted Sammy’s into its Pizza Hall of Fame — which pays tribute to popular pizzerias in business for 50 years or longer.

Our Location

Sammy’s Pizza has been a North Dakota tradition since 1959 when Dave Shomento's parents, Albert and Carmella (Perrella) Shomento and his brother, Bert, first opened the restaurant in Minot. The following year, Bert, along with his wife Annamarie, took over the family business, which they continued to run for the next 40 years.

The restaurant moved to its present location in 1970, where extended family members (that’s what we call our customers) have enjoyed many celebrations and get-togethers.

In 2000, the brick oven tradition officially passed to Dave and Tarryll Shomento, who took over as owners and operators. The business continues to be a family tradition as it's now owned and operated by their daughter Angie and her husband Shannon Osborn.

When you visit, our hope is that you’ll realize Sammy’s makes much more than great pizza – we make works of art inspiring traditions with family and friends, as well as in our local community.

Thank you for making Sammy’s a part of your family tradition. We look forward to your next visit!

Making Sammy's Pizza while locals watch


Family making pizza

Dave tossing dough